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PERFECTING YOUR NON-STUDY TIME: how to enhance your cognitive functioning by upgrading your study breaks and improving your sleep

  1. Physical Stagnation = Brain Stagnation how to reduce stress and lethargy, and increase energy and focus, through short jolts of physical motion throughout the study day – without having to exercise.
  2. Avoid Dumb Study Breaks: how to dramatically improve your focus and energy after short study breaks by reducing the many study break activities you engage in that actually further exhaust your brain and cognitive resources.
  3. Brain-Enhancing Study Breaks: 3 simple things to do during short study breaks that will rejuvenate your brain and enhance your brain functioning post-break.
  4. Bring Out Your “No Ninja”: why “no” is perhaps the single most important word you can utter in order to increase your chances of passing the Bar.
  5. Energy Maximization: how to overcome “will power depletion” and “decisional fatigue” in order to maximize your energy, will power, and focus through each study day.
  6. Higher Purpose = Better Cognition: how to deliberately connect to a higher purpose or deeper meaning in order to optimize your energy, focus and studying.
  7. Better Sleep: the five most critical “sleep hygiene” techniques for falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer in order to maximize energy, focus and productivity throughout the day