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OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF FAILING THE BAR: how to face and overcome the fear of failing the Bar, and how to convert the fear into focus, productivity, and confidence.

  1. Be A Sheep: Why being “a sheep” during the study period is smart, and why the Bar Exam is the only time in your life that being “unique” or “standing out” is a bad thing.
  2. You Are “Minimally Competent” (And Far More!): The importance of recognizing – and capitalizing on – the “minimal competency” standard at issue.
  3. Idiots Pass The Bar Exam!: How to reduce your stress and improve your focus by recognizing that “idiots pass the Bar” and that you are not an idiot!
  4. Just Aim For “Good Enough”: How resisting your usual standards of perfection and instead aiming for “good enough” will increase your chances of passing.
  5. You Will Have Setbacks (And Still Pass!): How to overcome and reframe the inevitable setbacks you will have along the way (e.g., failed practice exams and “off” study days), so they do not interfere with your ability to pass the Bar in the end.
  6. Notice ASAP When Your Brain Is Being Hijacked By Stress: How to identify the 5 physiological “Warning Signs” of stress the moment they occur, and how to interrupt them so your brain can return to a state of high-level cognition asap.
  7. This Is Your Opportunity For Greatness: How to reduce your stress and optimize your brain’s functioning by reframing the way you think about the Bar.