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MEMORY ENHANCEMENT: key techniques for optimizing your memory and information recall throughout the study period

  1. The Immense Capacity Of Your Human Mind: Your human mind has an immense capacity to memorize information and can retain far more than you believe.
  2. Purposeful Breathing = Brain Optimization: How to engage in 1-2 minutes of purposeful breathing techniques to enhance your cognition.
  3. Grocery List Exercise: A simple technique for enhancing your ability to memorize.
  4. Memorize By “Linking”: how to improve new memory formation by connecting the new information to existing memories and emotions.
  5. A “Mental Butler” Will Improve Your Memory: How to mechanize your daily routine in order to free critical memory space in your brain throughout the study period.
  6. When To Memorize: How to capitalize on the neuroscientific research for when/how the human brain consolidates long-term memories most effectively
  7. Supplements/Movement as Memory Hacks: How to use supplements, naps, and walks to enhance your memory and overall cognition.