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GAME DAY GREATNESS: key techniques for experiencing minimal stress and maximal Cognitive Greatness on the day(s) of the exam.

  1. Brain-Enhancing Choices: how to make smart choices and establish a “Power Routine” on Game Day that enhance your chances of passing the Bar, such as what you wear, what and where you eat, what you bring to the Exam, and other micro-decisions that can affect passage.
  2. Use Visualization To Pass: how to use visualization to prime your brain to be in a state of peak performance on all days of the exam.
  3. Expect The Unexpected: how to anticipate any possible game day challenge, so that you can sail through any obstacle without allowing your performance to be derailed.
  4. Protect Yourself From Outside Threats To Your Focus: how to prioritize and protect your game day performance by enacting personal boundaries and prioritizing yourself at all costs.
  5. Be In Control: decrease your stress and increase your swagger by capitalizing on what you can control on game day.
  6. The Final Minutes: how to spend the final few minutes before the exam so your cognition is firing on all cylinders.
  7. Power Routine: Power Routine: how to optimize the 5 key components of your morning routine on exam day (alarm, food, shower, possessions, and confidence) so you are positioned for greatness.