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DEFEATING BAD STUDY HABITS: how to overcome distractions, bad habits, and coping mechanisms that interfere with your studying and productivity

  1. The Danger Of Multi-Tasking: why multitasking destroys your study momentum, your productivity and your efficiency, and why you should instead adopt the art of purposeful task-switching.  
  2. Your Smart Phone Makes You “Dumb”: how to change your relationship to your smart phone so it causes you less distraction, less cognitive impairments, and less study interruptions.
  3. Use “Small Victory” Theory To Accomplish Your Study Goals: how to achieve your study goals and overcome bad study habits by applying “Small Victory” theory.
  4. The “10-Minute Rule” For Overcoming Procrastination: how to overcome procrastination and/or lack of motivation by applying the “10-Minute Rule”
  5. Enhance Your Brain By Manipulating Your Posture & Face: how to purposefully manipulate your posture and facial expressions while studying in order to reduce your stress and enhance your cognitive functioning.
  6. Mastering Your Brain’s “Habit Loop”: how to use the brain’s 3-part “habit loop” to your advantage in order optimize your cognitive functioning and productivity.
  7. Self-Accountability = Productivity Boost: how to incorporate the simple self-accountability practice of “tracking your progress” in order to boost your productivity.