About Us


Jarrett Green and Rebecca Simon are a “Dynamic Duo” that are dedicated to helping law students and lawyers (and other high-stress individuals) minimize their stress, optimize their cognitive performance, and enhance their overall success. They are both lawyers, law professors, consultants, and public speakers. And they are obsessed with the Science of Success. They work with a variety of clients, from some of the largest law firms and corporations in the world, to executives seeking to unlock their fullest potential, to law students yearning to achieve academic excellence. They developed the Bar Peak Performance Program to help you master the mental, emotional and decisional components of preparing for and taking the Bar Exam so that you can pass this thing!

Co-Founders of the Peak Performance Program

Jarrett and Rebecca are the co-founders of one of the most cutting edge, science-based law school wellness programs in the country: Southwestern Law School’s Mindfulness, Stress Management, & Peak Performance Program. Participants reported life-changing impact, sharing that the tools taught have enhanced their mental and emotional well being, improved their focus and concentration, increased their productivity and goal-accomplishing, decreased their stress and anxiety, and enhanced their overall happiness and fulfillment. Students who have completed the program have outperformed their peers not enrolled

The ABA-backed “National Task Force on Lawyer Well Being” issued a report (at www.lawyerwellbeing.net) that recommends the Peak Performance Program and says it has a “transformative effect on law student well being.” (Page 39).