About The Program


The Bar Peak Performance ProgramTM is a cutting-edge, science-based program designed to give you the mental and emotional tools essential for passing the Bar Exam! So many students fail the Bar even though they have more than enough intelligence, more than enough substantive knowledge, and more than enough preparation. What they lack is the “X Factor” for success. And what is that “X Factor”? The science-based tools and techniques that would allow them to:

  • Master the intense pressure of studying for one exam for two straight grueling months, and not allow the intense stress to impact their overall preparation.
  • Maximize their focus, attention, will power, and productivity for the two-month study period.
  • Reduce their distractability and overcome the procrastination and other motivation problems that inevitably arise over the two month period;
  • Make the best possible decisions during their breaks and non-study time so that they truly rejuvenate their brains and then return to their studying with vigor, energy, and cognitive power.
  • Unlock their full potential so their brain, mind, and body are all functioning at high capacity so they maximize their chances of passing the Bar.

The Bar Peak PerformanceProgramTM delivers the above tools/techniques!

The Program consists of:

  • 5 modules
  • Each module contains 7 separate videos (from 2-5 minutes each)
  • Each video contains one critical “Peak Technique” that can help you pass the Bar.

Simply put, any one of the “Peak Techniques” you will receive in the Program can be a difference-maker for your Bar results. But when all of the “Peak Techniques” are combined, you truly will put yourself in the best possible position to pass this thing!


The Bar Peak Performance ProgramTM is a multidisciplinary program that was derived from Jarrett and Rebecca’s 24 combined years of researching, studying, teaching, and living these principles. The Program incorporates — and holistically integrates — the following disciplines, among others:

  • Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity
  • Behavioral Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Applied Psychology
  • Executive Coaching & Success Coaching Techniques
  • Peak Performance Research
  • Habit Reformation and Behavior Modification Principles
  • Mindfulness (secular mindfulness-based stress management principles)
  • Nutrition and cutting-edge research findings in Mind-Body Connectivity
  • Emotional Intelligence Literature, Mindset Theory, and Grit Theory

In short, this online program gives you the science-based tools needed to elevate your performance to the next level!



$35 for each module (one purchased individually)
$99 for entire Peak Performance Package (five purchased together)

Sample Session on Memory

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Watch this Sample Session to learn a practical technique for enhancing your memory while studying for the Bar Exam

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